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About PlanIt Britain

PlanIt Britain is a travel company specializing in designing custom trips to the British Isles. Whether you’ve been longing to visit the mysterious site of Stonehenge, taste a wee dram in one of the whisky distilleries of Scotland, or take in a Shakespeare play in the Globe Theatre in London, we can help you make those dreams come true.    

Krystine Sipple

Krystine Sipple, Founder and CEO, has planned trips to England, Scotland and Ireland for nearly twenty years. She hopes to share her passion for these places by helping others to discover their hidden wonders, deep mysteries and everyday beauty. While the main focus of PlanIt Britain is on England and Scotland, we can also arrange visits to Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands of Jersey and Geurnsey. All tour itineraries are exclusive of international airfare.   In addition to creating customized trips for individuals and groups, we will also offer occasional guided group experiences which individuals can join, such as women’s workshops in Glastonbury, England, or a Whisky Trail tour of the Highlands in Scotland. Please check back for information on any currently offered guided tours.

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