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Portree – Gateway to the Isle of Skye

09.05.2017 02.24 GMT+0000

The village of Portree is the capital city on the Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, and is an ideal place from which to explore the island.
Portree – Gateway to the Isle of Skye

Dawn breaks over the colorful shops and restaurants which line the picturesque Portree harbor

Sometimes you find the finest things in unexpected places. I had the best meal of my life in a tiny, unassuming restaurant located on the harbor in Portree, Skye. A reservation turned out to be a great idea, because of the maybe twenty people standing in line outside, my husband and I and another couple were the only ones who got in. Once inside, we realized why - the small building only held fourteen tables.

Wandering through the Puzzlewood

10.04.2017 03.35 GMT+0000

Hidden doorways and other surprises await visitors who climb the winding stairways and cross the wooden bridges that wind through the Puzzlewood.
Wandering through the Puzzlewood

The Puzzlewood, located within the Forest of Dean.

The paths and steps were laid down in the early 1800’s, and are set over and around a geological feature known as “scowles”, or a system of irregular hollows in the earth, as well as caves which have eroded over time. The erosion exposed veins of iron ore which were mined by people in the area as far back as the Iron Age. J.R.R. Tolkien assisted with some archeological work in the Puzzlewood in the 1920’s, and the area is said to have inspired the mysterious forests of Middle Earth in his Lord of the Rings series.

Avebury Tales

22.03.2017 03.49 GMT+0000

"Legend has it that the Barrow is home to the spirit of Wayland, the Saxon god of metalworking, who would shod any horse left overnight near the tomb, if coins were left."
Avebury Tales

It is said that anyone who stands on the eye of the Uffington horse and turns around three times clockwise with their eyes closed whilst making a wish will have that wish come true.

About ten years ago, I visited Avebury, an ancient site in England near Oxford, with my family. A local couple from the nearby town of Calne accompanied us and served as our guides. Covering about 28 acres, Avebury includes three stone circles, one of which is large enough to contain the entire village. Unlike Stonehenge, you can actually walk among the stones, and our guides produced dowsing rods for my ten-year old daughter Kate to use as she neared the stones of the outer circle. When Kate ...

The tiny medieval city of Wells

22.03.2017 03.10 GMT+0000

"Wells is filled with quirky shops, restaurants and welcoming residents who will make you feel right at home."
The tiny medieval city of Wells

Elizabeth II has been Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand since 6 February 1952.

In the southwest of England, in the midst of the rolling Mendip Hills in Somerset, sits the tiny medieval city of Wells. Named after the natural springs that bubble up behind its magnificent cathedral, Wells is one of my favorite places in all of England. On my first visit there, my mother and I stayed at The Swan, a hotel directly across from the cathedral. The Swan dates back to 1422, but offers modern amenities, including an elevator (or as the English call it, a lift). After our first night, we walked across the street to have breakfast, and were asked by our waitress if we had remembered to move our car. Confused, we answered that it was in the car park at the Swan. She replied that if we planned to leave the city that day, we needed to do so soon, because the roads were about to be blocked off for the Queen’s visit. The Queen! A couple of ...