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Avebury Tales

22.03.2017 03.49 GMT+0000

"Legend has it that the Barrow is home to the spirit of Wayland, the Saxon god of metalworking, who would shod any horse left overnight near the tomb, if coins were left."
Avebury Tales

It is said that anyone who stands on the eye of the Uffington horse and turns around three times clockwise with their eyes closed whilst making a wish will have that wish come true.

About ten years ago, I visited Avebury, an ancient site in England near Oxford, with my family. A local couple from the nearby town of Calne accompanied us and served as our guides. Covering about 28 acres, Avebury includes three stone circles, one of which is large enough to contain the entire village. Unlike Stonehenge, you can actually walk among the stones, and our guides produced dowsing rods for my ten-year old daughter Kate to use as she neared the stones of the outer circle. When Kate ...