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PlanIt Britain Services

All of our tours are custom-designed to fit your needs. Whether you want to stay in a luxury hotel or rent a caravan to travel the countryside, whether you choose to drive yourself or you'd like a driver for all or part of your stay...anything you like, we can plan it for you.



From five-star resorts, to bed and breakfasts, to small properties full of local charm, we can help you choose the accommodation that is right for you. Based on the specific locations you want to visit, we will choose convenient and welcoming properties so that you get a good night’s rest for each part of your journey.


Professional Drivers

Have you always wanted to visit the United Kingdom, but are deterred by the idea of driving on the “wrong” side of the road? Our professional drivers can collect you from the airport, transport you to your chosen locations, and remain at your disposal for all or part of your trip.


Tour Escorts

Local escorts can be available to accompany your group on their entire tour, or we can arrange for tour guides at specific locations. Let the locals give you insight into each particular location, and show you things off the beaten path, giving you the real flavor of each country you visit.